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about us

Let Ealing Removals Handle Your Job

Ealing Removals is a well-known movers service in the borough. Our men are highly efficient in handling any type of removals work. We handle both home and office relocation jobs. You can also call us for international moving jobs to any destination. Apart from our regular shifts, we also provide same-day removals on request. In any job, our priority remains steadfast. We want to make sure that clients have a fully stress-free experience.
At Ealing Removals, we make every effort to understand the client’s perspective. The circumstances of moving jobs are not always pleasant. Property owners may have to move to adjust to a financial issue or as a fallout of a domestic dispute. In any situation, we strive to complete the removals work with the least disruption for the property owner. Our business is based on a solid foundation of the highest professional ethics.

Our business mission

We are driven to achieve the mission to be of help to property owners. Location shifting can present highly challenging situations. It is but natural to anticipate a major expenditure in the process. However, we want to reassure clients that every effort is made to provide a comfortable experience, even from the cost side of the matter.
We never overcharge, and provide a transparent breakdown of the expenses. We always try our best to keep the costs low, whether by arranging the transit in fewer trips or by taking the shortest distance. Our drivers are local folks who know the Ealing roadways extremely well.
Be it by The Questors Theatre on Mattock Lane, or the St. Mary’s Road, we are familiar with the thoroughfare. Moreover, all our vans have GPS, enabling our drivers to assess the real-time traffic situation on the road. The GPS also enables clients to keep track of the transit for their peace of mind.
At Ealing Removals, we are extremely particular about hiring the most reliable men for the job. Our interviewers leave no stone unturned to be sure of the reliability and integrity of character of our men. We undertake a thorough background screening process to make sure that the men can be trusted with the safety of valuable belongings.

Our business vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the top Ealing Removals service. We want to be the agency that everyone would gladly recommend to friends and families. We make sure that our
fleet of vans is up to the mark to handle growing demands. Our fleet keeps expanding as we become more popular.
We not only handle local removals, but international moving as well. Global relocation demands additional responsibilities. We will have to arrange for permits to get your goods out of the UK border. We will also have to see that the foreign customs in the destination location do not obstruct the goods. In addition, there’s the responsibility of arranging railroad freight, air freight, and ship cargo. We are a member service of the top organisation, the British Association of Removers. This membership entails us with the required connections to facilitate smooth removals work in any destination.
Ealing has a lot of Polish-speaking population, followed by a great many who speak French, Somali, and Japanese. We often receive international relocation requests to Japan from the Hangar Hill locality. The borough is also home to many Sikh and Tamil people. Whether in India, Japan, Africa, or anywhere in Europe, we will make sure that you have a safe passage.

Same-day removals offered

Ealing Removals also offer same-day moving jobs, subject to availability. We appreciate it when clients contact us for same-day work in the first hours. This makes it easy for us to optimise the scope of the day and get the job done. We accept calls on weekends and at odd hours.
A trained executive will attend to your call. You are requested to be descriptive and explain your situation. Based on your criteria, we can provide you with a viable tentative quote to proceed with at first. The exact quote will be provided on the spot as we reach the destination. Once you agree, we can get started with the removals work.
The circumstances of same-day moving can be critical for the homeowner. It can be due to an urgent eviction notice, or an unfortunate incident at the property, such as fire or plumbing leaks. We solely focus on getting the job done in a stress-free manner.