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Office Movers

Hire Our Office Removal Company Ealing for Small and Big Relocation Work

Operating as a leading office removal company Ealing, we have seen how stressful moving to a new workspace can be. Every business has its unique operations, and every business functions at different scales. However, as a professional relocation partner, we are here to offer assistance to small and large businesses for domestic and international office relocations.
Further, as office movers Ealing, we do not want to hamper your present operations. So, we will chalk out the service schedule according to your convenience. Since we work on weekends, we will try to book a slot when your company’s operations are closed for the week.

Proper Planning is the Foundation of Every Service Offered by Our Office Moving Company Ealing

Things can be really messy if there is not a proper plan in place. Especially for office relocations, we have to be extra careful about moving the IT essentials and other delicate items. So, we will conduct a pre-move survey before we get started with the office moving service Ealing.
Based on your convenience, we will arrange physical or surveys. At the end of the surveys, we will have a detailed idea about the items to be moved, what are the hidden challenges in your commercial property and what is the scale of the work. Then, we can make a customised plan of action based on your relocation requirements.
For office relocations, we need to consider another factor during the planning stage. In many cases, a business moves to a smaller or bigger workspace according to their requirements. We design the
relocation job according to the floor plan of the new space. It is essential so that the employees feel comfortable with the new setup and no production hour is lost.
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Our Office Moving Service Ealing: Pay for Only What You Get

A transparent and customised pricing structure gives our company an edge over others. Once we know your requirements and things we need to do to fulfil that, we will chalk out a budget plan. We customise every budget plan depending on factors like the number of items to be moved, the number of team members needed for the job, etc.
Further, we know hidden fees are a concern for business owners. However, true to our policy of transparency, we will never shock you with hidden fees. On the contrary, to reinforce our promise to protect your essentials, we always add insurance fees to the cost.
Despite our best efforts, there may be some changes in the relocation plan, and that may impact the pre-determined budget. However, no alteration will be done without drawing your immediate attention to the same.
So, to get the best services at a pocket-friendly rate, you can give us a call. Else, you can send us emails and explain your requirements.

Our Commercial Relocation Ealing Services

We have the best team with proper knowledge about packing office essentials. As experienced packers and movers, we know how to prepare office essentials for international and domestic relocations. The sturdy cartons, boxes and protective layers we use will ensure a zero-damage relocation of your essentials. Besides, we will label each box carefully and share a master list with you to avoid any problems at the end of the relocation work.
Further, for office furniture relocation services Ealing, we use dismantling equipment. For heavy wooden pieces, we ensure that the edges are covered, and no damage is caused.

Transporting Your Office Essentials Safely

Once all the items are packed, we will safely move them out of our property and load them into our vans. In this stage, we follow extra caution and adhere to standard safety measures so that everything is done seamlessly.
We ensure that all the packed items are organised properly inside the vans with the help of fastening belts. These belts ensure that the essentials do not topple over. Besides, our vans have safety blankets and mattresses to protect the shipments from damage. Moreover, we want our clients to stay in the loop in every stage of the relocation process. So our vans have GPS, and you can check the movement.
Additionally, the drivers of our vans are employed after a thorough background check. So, there will be no lack of integrity when it comes to moving your essentials from point A to B. Finally, you will have a
coordinator assigned by us for taking care of your relocation requirements. That coordinator will constantly remain in touch with our van drivers to ensure that the task is executed as per the plan.
Our service end with unloading your stuff and unpacking them. There you go! You and your employees are ready to get started with their chores at the new workspace.