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Man and Van Ealing Service: An Economical and Fast Solution for Your Relocation Need

Businessmen and homeowners often fail to understand the importance of professional help when it comes to minor relocation jobs. As an experienced man and van Ealing company, we have seen many people fail in an attempt to execute the relocation work on their own. Ensuring a zero-damage relocation is next to impossible without the help of professionals and a proper infrastructure.
Having said that, we had to take into account our client’s concerns. Many of them were unwilling to pay for a full-fledged relocation service as the items they needed to be moved were a handful. Then emerged our man with a van Ealing service. It is partial assistance in the relocation service, usually covering only the transportation of the essentials from point A to B. However, there are scopes for including additional services in the package based on your requirements.

Our Moving Man and Van Ealing Services are Affordable

The charges of our same day man with van Ealing services are reasonable in terms of the partial relocation assistance you will be getting. However, many clients request us to include packing, loading and unloading the essentials in the services. So, the charges will be chalked out according to the scale and scope of the relocation work. We will also consider the number of men we need and special measures to be taken (if any) for the relocation task.
Nevertheless, we can assure you of our transparent policy. There will be no hidden charges in the quotation shared with you. Further, your fees will include insurance coverage.
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Our Same Day Man and Van Ealing Service

As the name suggests, our man and van services are executed within a day. However, sometimes, the destination is a little far away, or the items to be moved are quite a number. In such cases, we try to divide the task over more than one day. Please note that our vans are available at an hourly rate. So, your money will be saved as we distribute the entire task over a few days.
Even if our man with a van today Ealing services are meant for smaller and partial relocation jobs, we never compromise proper planning and strategy making. This pre-move practice helps us to avoid hassles on the day of the relocation. On the scheduled date, two or three members of our company will visit your place. If they need to do the packing, they will drop by with the best-quality packing materials. Then, the packed items will be uploaded into our vans.
Does not matter if the uploading is done by you or our team, as we ensure that all things are organised properly inside our vans. It is our responsibility to ensure the complete safety of your essentials during the transportation process, and we never want to take any risks.
In the next stage, all the uploaded items will be safely transported into our vans. Our vans are driven by the best drivers in the Ealing district, and they will take the quickest route to ensure that the relocation task is completed on time. Further, the coordinator for your service will keep you, and our driver connected so that both of you are on the same page.

Once Your Shipment Reaches its Destination

Our vans will be parked at a spot near your property as suggested by you to make the unloading process easier. We request you to be very particular about the parking spot. Any hiccups in the unloading process (either to be done by you or us as per the customised service plan) will keep our vans occupied for long hours. In such cases, the charges for the relocation service will go up.
Further, many clients, especially business owners, seek our help in unpacking and arranging the essentials in their new place. See, whatever your requirements are, you need to be very clear about them from the very beginning. It will keep our team and you on the same page.

We Have the Best Vans for Office Relocations and Man with Van Moving House Ealing Services

Advanced and well-maintained vans will be the mode of transportation for your essentials with us. We will assign vans with the right capacity according to the scale of your relocation work.
Our vans have all the amenities needed for a successful relocation job. Your essentials will stay in place and protected with our soft blankets, mattresses and fastening belts. Moreover, you will be able to track the movement of your shipment thanks to the in-built GPS.